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As you grow your following on TikTok, Instagram and Youtube we will help you monetize it by connecting you with brands you actually want to work with.

Our process for matching the right influencers with the right brands.

Your audience’s attention is valuable, so we won’t force sketchy companies down their throats. We work with brands that our influencers believe in.

We pair you with brands that you actually love and believe in.

We have dedicated brand partners who hit the pavement every day to find high quality eCommerce brands for you to promote. You can trust that we will have a steady stream of brands that you’ll enjoy working with.

You do your thing and make content to advertise that brand naturally.

You made it to a position of authority in your niche by creating amazing content the way you want to create it. We won’t stop you from doing what you do best. You can promote brands without limitations.

You get generous benefits in return for helping our brands grow.

We’re a relationship-first company. We understand that our growth depends on people like you. We will ensure that you’re happy with the benefits you receive while working with Sosani.


Empowering you to turn your creations into a career.

We want life for you to get better after you join Sosani. We offer a wide range of benefits to qualified influencers including:

  • Access to brand deals when opportunities arise.
  • Premium affiliate programs with the world’s finest brands.
  • A marketing team at your service. 
  • A wide network of other influencers you can collaborate with.

Founded by an influencer.

Our founder, Tinashe Chaponda, was a successful influencer himself. Sosani understands your situation holistically and professionally.

CEO & Founder

Tinashe Chaponda

As a former YouTube influencer Tinashe garnered more than 22,000 subscribers and tens of millions of views by uploading reaction videos.

“As a creator it can be confusing when it comes to the business side of things and monetizing your passion without getting taken advantage of. That’s why we hope to be your guiding light in the influencer marketing industry.”

Past Clients

We’ve served the finest mobile app, ecommerce and retail brands from around the world in varying niches and industries.

Join our influencer network

If you’re ready to partner with us to bring your career as an influencer to the forefront – book a call to see if we’re a good fit for each other.